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Model 3

Sunshade Net

• Insulated, soft-edged, and custom-cut for your Tesla Model 3.
• Protect the dashboard, electronics, steering wheel, and upholstery from the effects of high interior temperatures.
• Cooling properties also help prevent driver discomfort, fatigue, and overheating.
• Use less battery when you turn on the A/C, which can help with range.

For the Tesla Model 3 custom Sunshades, the design approach is focused on accuracy, precision, and fitment. Computer-driven cutting machines are utilized to produce precise, consistent fitment for every Model 3 owner that orders.

Sunshades are simple to use but they are just as easy to store. Less than 3/16” thick yet stiff enough to stand on their own, they lay flat or roll up for easy storage. They roll up with a Velcro tie when not in use.