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Model 3 / Model Y

Smart NFC Key Ring

 Seamlessly Secure, Unlock, and Initiate Driving for your Tesla Model Y and Model 3 with a Simple Finger Tap

• Enhanced Convenience and Style Tesla Smart Rings Crafted from Premium Zirconia Ceramics, Seamlessly Pair with your Tesla Model Y and Model 3 for Lightning-Fast Unlocking, Matching the Speed of the Factory Key Card

• Elevate Your Gifting Game A Multi-functional NFC Key Ring and Perfect Present for Tesla Aficionados, Offering Convenience and Delight in Equal Measure

• Unparalleled Convenience and Reliable Alternative Effortlessly Unlock your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y without Dependence on Cellphones or Key Cards, Eliminating Concerns of Network Coverage, Battery Drain, or Cellphone Unavailability

• Customizable Fit for All Wide Range of Size Options Available, Ranging from 6 to 12 US Sizes, Ensuring the Perfect Fit for Every Tesla Enthusiast