GLOVE BOX BUMPER - Premium★Tesla

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Model 3 / Model Y


• A simple, yet elegant, custom-designed solution to keep items in the glove box from sliding out onto the floor.
• Helps maintain your neat Tesla interior and removes a small imperfection from an otherwise spectacular vehicle.

The Tesla glove box is sleek and conforms beautifully to the interior design of the car. But when you open it, you’ll find that it has a rather narrow vertical opening, is not very deep, and has a relatively small front door. If you’re like most Tesla owners, you pack the glove box with registration papers, maintenance records, random brochures, and other small items. And when you open it, all of that stuff can and often does fall out onto the floor near the passenger seat. Glove Box Bumper offers a simple and elegant solution for this phenomenon. Custom-designed for Tesla vehicles, it provides a small, easily installed “bumper” that stops items in the glove box from sliding onto the floor — this keeps your Tesla interior neat and removes a small imperfection from an otherwise spectacular car.