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Model 3 / Model Y

Swivel Screen Mounting

• This version of the mount is designed to swivel left and right and is compatible with all Model 3's and left-hand drive Model Y's.

• Everything you need for installation is included, whether you have a Model 3 or Model Y.

• Featuring a newly designed display with an OEM-style mounting arm, this version offers a sleek and cohesive look. 

• The plastic arm assembly completely covers the bracket arm, ensuring a seamless and integrated appearance for all Model 3's and left-hand drive Model Y's.

• The mount swivels up to 30 degrees, allowing you to position it flat or tilted towards the driver or passenger. You have the flexibility to adjust it anytime.

• This mount lowers your Model 3 or Model Y's display by 1.2 inches and enables the display